Eight Wedding Invitation Styles To Get Inspired


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Today, you can choose from a wide variety of options in wedding invitation designs (desain undangan pernikahan, which is the term in Indonesia), and of course, styles. So the first thing you have to check is the essence of your wedding, how you imagine it.

Having clear idea of the type of wedding you want and the theme, it is easier to decide the style for your invitations. Here are some styles, take them into account before making a decision.


Without experimenting in paper types, this style is characterized by white and sober tones, simple typography in black, gold, or brown colors.


Elegance is the main theme, under the combination of white with touches of color — a mix between the classic and modern style.


It is the favorite of vintage or shabby chic weddings. Every embedded or printed detail and typography reflect the essential characteristics of this style. Textured paper is an element that should not be missing.


Inspired by nature, the invitations reflect the freshness through its vivid colors and the details in flower, whether treated, paper, or printed.


They are designs where elegance and glamor match through laser technique. The crushed paper appearance is a favorite, and colors can range from white and gold to reds and dark blues.

Country And Beach

The name says it all; they are ideal for outdoor or beach weddings, where details such as a starfish or a small bow invite the sun, sea, and nature. Blue and orange colors are preferred.


Inspired by spiritual and ritual symbolic representations of the macrocosm and microcosm, used in Buddhism and Hinduism, they are now reflected in invitations of a special design, from its unusual shape to the combination of bright colors, in contrasting background.


A style where everything goes. The typography, the original details, the variety of colors, everything is a trend brand. And they give a touch of originality to the wedding.

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