Cold Cathode Lighting – A Sophisticated Alternative To Electric Bulbs


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Cold cathode lighting is in vogue because of their energy saving capabilities and sophisticated looks. These are handmade products designed to fit the space of various shapes and size. The sign makers have these lights as one of their specialties. Know more about why your space needs cool cathode lighting and how it can be a sustainable lighting solution for it.

Know cold cathode lighting

Cold cathode light differs from neon lights or electric bulbs. While neon lights are filled with neon gas, these lights have certain percentage of mercury inside. These are manually built in various shapes and are meant to be fit in coving in the architectural lighting. The cold cathode tube mainly enhances the beauty of the ceilings or can be used in the rim of elevation of the building to enhance its carvings or other features in the late evening hours or night.

Shelf-life of a cold cathode light

When you plan to install cold cathode light in your premise, you actually are gifting yourself a cost-effective lighting solution. While other options like incandescent bulb or LEDs run for maximum time period ranging from 1000 hours to 30,000 hours, the cold cathode lights are found to have the shelf-life of 40,000 hours, guaranteed! Thus, you can save a lot on replacement of lighting and have a certain look of the building maintained for longer times.

The cold cathode light is not costly as compared to other alternatives. One cathode light of about 20mm diameter require about 30watts of power per meter of running at 90mA of current. Thus, this light helps in reducing the size of the electricity bill too. 

Easy to maintain, space-efficient lighting solution

Cold cathode lights utilize just a few mm2 of space for installation. Thus, these do not require lots of space and can be used to fit in the covings. The ideal size of a typical cathode light would be 100mm x 80mm for a single line of cathode light system. The cathode light, once installed, does not require replacement for ten to twenty years. Thus, only any fault in electrical line is to be checked; the light system as such would not require frequent inspections or replacements. Since it is capable of giving more lumens per watt of electricity, it does not add much to the electricity needs of the space where it is installed. 

Gels well in the space where installed

A very interesting fact about the cool cathode lighting system is that it gels with the surroundings beautifully. There is no clumsy wiring to be seen or ugly holders to deal with. Just a switch in the remote corner of the house is what it takes to put the cool cathode light in action. This lighting system looks as if it was meant for the place of installation and enhances the look in return. 

Another interesting feature of this lighting system is that it is dimmable. Some spaces need lighting all hours of the day, such as hotel lobbies. The degree of strength of light required for the space varies though. The cool cathode light system makes it easy to adjust the intensity of light as per the requirement. Perhaps, this is the reason why it does not need much power and can work for years. 

To add to all above facts, the cool cathode lights do not cause any colour confusion. These present the objects to the eyes exactly as they are. Also, there is no glare disrupting the view when the cathode lighting is on.

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