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Hootsuite allows clients to manage all their social media accounts in one venue and monitor mentions and traffic through the analytics offered. They can update and post things on multiple accounts at the same time and also schedule these posts to appear on a later day.

  • Free Version.
  • Pricing- Pro- $8.99/month; Enterprise- Customizable



Post Planner is a Facebook management tool that helps users come up with interesting topics for their status updates and allow them to find the content which will attract more customers and increase the traffic to their site. They can also schedule or automate these updates and post it at a time when most of their target audience is online on Facebook. Analytics tools are also provided.

  • Offers Free trial.
  • Pricing-$29/mo-Guru; $49/mo-Master; $99/mo-Agency



Heyo is a tool that lets users create fan pages and also facilitates effortless generation of tabs, contests, polls and campaigns on Facebook. It offers templates and editing features to let clients design and customize their pages.


Social Oomph

SocialOomph is a service for social media management that facilitates scheduling of posts, uploading of bulk contents, reusing of posts, and even updating through email. Users can also follow people automatically.

  • Free Version.
  • Pricing- Professional- $17.97/2 weeks; Twitter Unlimited- $6.97/2 weeks



ShortStack allows clients to generate and customize tabs for their Facebook fan pages. They can also add campaigns, contests or polls to their pages which can easily be advertised on social media platforms and can increase traffic to their site. Templates and widgets are also provided.



Bitly is a tool that permits its users to shorten links and URL and store them online. These links can be shared on social media accounts or through emails and can be tracked using the analytics tool provided.

  • Free Version.
  • Pricing- $995/month



Pagemodo is a social media management tool that helps users come up with beautiful and interesting fan pages on Facebook. They can also create contests and campaigns and even schedule posts.



Woobox produces more fans and customers for clients by aiding them in creating interesting fan pages, contests, sweepstakes, and deals. It offers templates and editing tools for easy customization and sharing on other social media platforms.



Qwaya is a tool that enables users to generate ads and multiple versions of these on Facebook and schedule updates for a later day. They can edit and store ads as templates, and advertise on social media platforms easily. Clients can also track the progress of their promotions and get a detailed report through Google Analytics.



Tagboard is a tool that enables its users to keep track of their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) through monitoring of hashtags. They can search for a specific hashtag and see all the collated data from each platform. They can also create their own unique tagboard and share it with their followers.

  • Free Version.
  • Pricing- $99/month


Social Mention

Social Mention is an easy-to use tool that permits its users to keep track of keywords or hashtags across all social media sites. It features analytics that can monitor mentions of specific keywords and lets users receive alerts when these keywords are ‘mentioned’.

  • Free


Sprout Social

Sprout Social combine social media management and analytics to help its users reach out to a wider range of audience and monitor client’s feedback. They can also schedule their posts and select the emails that come into their inbox. The report generated through analytics allows them to see their progress on responding to emails and messages.

  • 30-day free trial.
  • Pricing-Deluxe- $59/user/month; Premium- $99/user/month; Enterprise- $1500/month


Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an easy to use tool that permits clients to keep an eye on their social media platforms and receive ‘alerts’ though email, if any mention or reference to a specific keyword or phrase is made.

  • Free



Swayy helps users locate the most interesting and engaging content, based on their selected category, and share it with their followers easily. Users can also examine what type of content their audience like and monitor which posts gets more views and response through the analytics provided.



Inkybee lets users generate a list of blogs that are relevant to a keyword or category that they’ve provided and easily connect with these blogs. It automatically updates the list and sends out emails to users when a new entry is added.  It also provides detailed information and reports about these blogs (number of followers, SEO ranking, etc.) and enables users to monitor engagement through the analytics provided.


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