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How Will You Find the Right People?

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Written by Teelie

 If you are among the group of young entrepreneurs venturing in the business industry, your start up is made up of your team. Your team is your biggest asset. The work and decisions you and your team will make can make or break your business. This is the primary reason why building a team must be your primary goal. Hiring the right people, training them, mentoring them, motivating them, and collaborating with them are all necessary if you want to have the right team for your start up.

Being Team

In building a team for your start up, you must keep in mind that your only reason for hiring people is to increase your edge for success and nothing more. You should think of it in every step of the process, from defining positions to interviewing qualified candidates.

Defining the position is vital for the success of your business. Just put it this way. No matter how good your employees are, they will not contribute to the success or increase the chances of your business for success if you have defined them in the wrong position. Your team’s skill set will not match your needs even if they are the best in their field. The right skill set and responsibilities are critical considerations in building a team.

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In defining the position, you have to determine first the type of person your business need the most. What exactly will they do? What are the results you expect from them? If you have the right answers for these questions, you can hire people with the complete skill set that your business needs the most.

Now that you have identified the responsibilities and the results you are expecting from your team, you can figure out the skills and qualities you require. Rank your potential employees, and keep mind that one is perfect. If you have so many prospects, you can narrow your options by knowing the qualities you need more than others.

To find the right people in your team, you need to ensure that each of your hire has a core competency, which your business needs the most. Core competencies result on more action and often get the job done faster than usual. In addition, your hire must be generalists at some point. Hire people with the capability to see a big picture even if working in a small building block.

Each of your hire must have leadership potential to some extent. You are used to assessing things that must be done and then do them, but not all people have this capability. Not all work the way you do, and not all your prospects have the leadership potential in them.

Finally, people learn from their experiences and improve, but they will never change. Hiring your team and expecting them to change is the last thing you want to do. If you know what you are looking for new hires, you can tell if they are the people you need right at the interview process.

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